Thursday, March 11, 2010


The morning after the dance Susan slept in. I left her in bed and went for an early morning walk to think about John Simmonds. Petesabooty tagged along. It's warming up around here so there's an optimism in the air. At least for me.

We ended up, inevitably, at the Trees. I sat on their wooden walkway and stared out through the canopy of twisted lines into the grey-blue sky, imagining what it must've looked like for Mr. Simmonds so many years before. The contorting branches split the air like a shattered windshield. Petesabooty was sitting beside me sharing the view.

"What do you see, Pete?" I asked. "Just some trees? Or something more?" His eyes didn't seem quite as soul-less as they had before. He wore the same stupid grin all dogs are burdened with, but his careless gaze into the Trees got me seriously contemplating his perspective. His and Mr. Simmonds'. And Susan's, Clarke's, Mrs. Scurfield's; what did they see when they came out here?

The exact same thing as me. And yet not.

When I got back to the house two hours later Susan had coffee ready for me. "Your little seedling looks good," she said as I stepped through the door.

"Yeah. I'm almost becoming fond of it. Almost."

"I know. It sorta snuck up on you, didn't it?"

"Yes. It's completely absurd."

"Why?" she asked with a smirk.

I smirked back. "Don't you think it's odd?"

"I don't know, Matthew. I sorta think the Trees are wonderful."

"Wonderful? Really?"

"Yes. Frightening too sometimes, of course. But mostly wonderful."

"I think I'm beginning to, I dunno, understand that point of view," I said slowly. Susan's eyebrows lifted and she lowered her head, looking ready for a punchline to arrive. "It's just that," I stammered -growing self-conscious, "well, maybe they mean something a little different than I thought they did." I waited for Susan's reaction. She was motionless for a while. Expressionless too. Then her shoulders dropped all their tension and she stepped toward me smiling. The entire house seemed to shiver.


Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Thanks everyone for reading along. I can't tell you how surprising and fun it has been for me to have you as readers.

Jon Coutts said...


The End:

It sorta snuck up on you, didn't it?"

Yes it did.

Thanks for the good reading.

Boyda said...

Woah. Wow. Oh man.

I'm not prepared!!!

And I'll have to think about The End for awhile. Hmm. Thank you, Matthew, for following this through to fruition. You've entirely altered my perceptions of the blogosphere, as well as my perceptions of literature in general.

That's all I can say for now. I'll be thinking about Susan and The Trees for a long time.

Anonymous said...

"The End" as in - the end of season one - right?

Great stuff!

Wazzy D. said...

End of season one, I agree. It's sad to see this part of my life come to an end, but if this is where you've chosen to end it, I can respect that. You've ended in the same fashion that you started and were consistently brilliant (that's right. I went there) all the way through. I've been listening to your music a bit as of late as well and one thought keeps creeping up on me: More people should know about you.

Anonymous said...

Im glad that I didnt refuse to believe the title. Thanks.


Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. So much.

I'd be very surprised if a season two ever appeared. Maybe an epilogue, years from now.

But never say never, I guess.

I've got a new pack of cigarettes, it's warm, and now I'm rushing out the door with Susan for a bike ride to the Trees.

Anonymous said...

Again, really, thanks for all the writing - and sharing of it.
Engaging. Insightful. Honest. Poetic.
"You've entirely altered my perceptions of the blogosphere, as well as my perceptions of literature in general."
I'm glad Petesabooty's growing a soul.
One day if I take my bike ride out to Hafford, I think I may procure a sapling for myself.

rockellea said...

Wow, I only discover this blog yesterday and have been blown away. Everyone who has read this blog really should go and check out Crooked Bush... it is awe inspiring, much like Matthews writing.

The reason I came across this blog in the first place is because I wanted to find pictures to show my fiance. I would really like to get married there, or at least get wedding pictures there.... After reading this blog I especially want too :)

I find the Trees very enchanting...they make me feel....real. If that makes any seance?

Thank you Matthew for this beautiful gift. It will stay in my mind for a long time.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Thanks Rockellea.

They make you feel real? Me too.

rockellea said...

Does this really have to be the end Matthew lol? I wish I would have discovered it when you started it... it was over too fast for me - since I read it all in the same day I found it. But I still think about it all the time...

Well spring is in the air - I think a road trip to the Trees is in order :)

Notre famille en mouvement said...


Oh well. I'm looking forward to the next project.

Sonny said...

This blog is brilliant, and I was compelled enough to read it in a single sitting. Your work is reminiscent of Richard's Brautigan's -- not only on account of the efficient, vivid prose but more importantly on account of the "here-is-everything-the-topic-with-which-I-am-obsessed-has-inspired" type of approach you have taken. I think this relates back to the references to Heidegger a few posts back, but I don't know my continental philosophers particularly well.
Regardless, I should also mention that the characters are endearing. I anticipate reading more of your work, and perhaps even seeing it upon store shelves one day.

stag said...

A remarkable blog.

Please, don't ever take it down.

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